October 15, 2011

...Eating Her Curds & Whey

What exactly is poutine you might ask...   besides ridiculously good and wrong on so many levels,  poutine is a Canadian dish consisting of 3 ingredients: french fries topped with cheese curds & smothered in gravy. The tell tale sign of good cheese curds:  they squeak when you bite them and squeak these did!  You can imagine my skepticism, being a Midwesterner (and half Canadian) of finding good cheese curds in Brooklyn of all places.  As those of you familiar with it know, the East coast isn't exactly "poutine" country.   I was happily surprised...  let the gluttony commence.

What may be a new discovery for some,  the rest of us have known for awhile.  Poutine is delicious, but here's the thing...  you shouldn't exactly make it a habit,  unless of course a diet of cholesterol & high-blood pressure medications are what you are aiming for.

I know that not everyone's world revolves around food like mine does, but I know that I am not alone in certain memories being linked to food.  I remember the first time I ever had french fries with gravy on them.  I was in Newfoundland with my younger cousin (Nancy) and we were sitting in a red vinyl- covered booth  in a little diner in the mall.  I remember thinking "this is FANTASTIC,  why don't we ALWAYS put gravy on fries?" (I have ever since...) Now, add fresh cheese curds to that & we are in business!

Last weekend,  I happened to be perusing one of my food magazines and there it was:  a mention for a restaurant in Brooklyn serving poutine.  You can imagine my next thought (go there immediately), so we did.  The smell of french fries lingered in the air,  beckoning us over the threshold into full-on bliss.  I was hoping I wouldn't be disappointed and I wasn't.  The poutine delivered, in a big way.  It was delicious.

While sitting there eating my curds and fries I stopped and just started to laugh.  I looked at where we were sitting and thought "Deja Vu".   We were sitting in a red vinyl booth...

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