September 24, 2011

Farmer's Market Finds

Everyone knows the behemoth that is the Union Square Farmer's Market
I love it, but sometimes it's a bit overwhelming for me and getting all of my treasures home on the train is less than ideal.  
So,  I opt for a smaller, more familiar Farmer's Market closer to home.

This market may not offer the variety and sheer volume of vendors that the Union Square market does,  but it suits me just fine. 

There is one particular vendor there that I make a bee-line for as soon as I step into market territory.  They make some of the best bread, cookies, pies and knishes I have ever had.  Their chocolate chip cookie makes my eyes roll back in my head.  The bread is crusty on the outside and soft and tender inside and the pies taste like they have a Midwestern grandma in the kitchen. But what I really go there for are the knishes.
(oh the knishes...)

Now, let me explain...  I have never been a fan of knishes.  The only ones I've ever had are those frozen squares that taste like cardboard.  You know the ones,  they need to be buried in mustard in order to get them down.

THAT my dear friends is NOT a knish.  I have met the holy grail of knishes.  And I like it,  I like it ALOT.  This knish is so good you'll propose to it.  The mashed potato inside is sooo good (sour cream makes everything delicious), it is creamy and still has chunks of potato so you have a nice contrast in texture.  The crust is perfection.  It's not too thick, it is delicate and serves it's purpose of containing the mash quite nicely.  As soon as I get one, I put it in my bag and move happily along to the next vendor,  all the while thinking about sinking my teeth into it as soon as I get home and today was no different.

A great day at the market, support your local farmers!

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